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Cities are the basis of modern civilization. They concentrate human flows and the power of the state. Modern technologies open up opportunities for making cities safe, comfortable, combining their identity with opportunities for development.

Helping cities to become better, ARMAKS Group company concentrated its efforts on developing modern urban management systems for the authorities, residents and local businesses.
CityCEO is here to change the way cities are managed

A new Smart City platform from ARMAKS Group is coming to Europe and is presented at Web Summit 2018.
Lisbon, Portugal – November, 7th, 2018

CityCEO is a digital platform that allows the leader of the city or region to automate the operational management processes and focus on what matters the most - people. Built with a powerful Business Intelligence and Business Process Management engines inside, CityCEO aggregates data from various sources like IoT sensors, budget and finance tools, legacy management systems and more and then streamlines this into clear and actionable dashboards and automated decision making processes.

Maxim Zhukov, founder, CEO said: "Our ultimate goal is to enable mayors and governors to focus on strategic priorities by utilizing the tools of the digital age. We have had about 10 pilot installations in the last year and our system and every instance is different and serves the needs of a specific city or region".

ARMAKS Group has created CityCEO in partnership with top IT and security vendors and as a result, product fits into existing Smart City platforms by Cisco, Huawei, Microsoft and others and privacy are guaranteed by top cybersecurity companies.

Anton Gololobov, Marketing Director and partner, said: "When researching the market we have found out that there is a gap between what IT companies think Smart Cities need and what is day-to-day requirements of city managers of all levels. CityCEO can close this gap in a simple and elegant way and without significant expenses".

By attending Web Summit the company hopes to find partners and investors to launch international operations in Europe and to further develop the product based on the needs of European cities.
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Our team integrates knowledge from several key areas: governance, IT, marketing, business strategies.
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